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The Kamikaze Jitterbugs' Steppin Out
Symphony Pops Programs


Idy and Bob are not currently performing as The Kamikaze Jitterbugs (2007-2008).

Idy is working on her Masters Degree in dance history. Idy is still teaching ballet and historical American social dances.

Bob is still performing as a solo artist, doing tap dance, American dances and dance comedy. He's also performing his many storytelling and dance shows, and teaching tap dance and American historical dances. Please feel free to call Bob about his availability for shows and teaching projects relating to American historical dance!!!

Past concerts include.

Boston Pops Orchestra
A July 4th Glenn Miller tribute for
325,000 people & National TV

Houston Symphony Pops, May 2004, Pops season series concerts. Three nights with standing ovations.

Houston Symphony Pops, March 2004, special subscription concert, Bob doing dance comedy

New Mexico Symphony Pops 2004
Featured for season concert; standing ovation.


San Antonio Symphony Pops
Featured for season concerts; two nights with standing ovations

Jacksonville Symphony Pops
Pops season opener; two nights with standing ovations.

Boston New Philharmonia Orchestra
Featured for special benefit concert.

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Telephone (617) 733-9298