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Bob's Germany

Bob's Germany

Welcome to Bob’s Germany

BobsGermany: “One man, two eyes, many opinions”

Welcome to BobsGermany. Here you will find musings and commentary, recountings of experiences, opinions, observations, as well as deductions and conclusions. Please be aware that everything here is presented from a subjective and personal perspective.

If you are here in search of carefully researched objective “real facts”, then you have, unfortunately, come to the wrong place. The only “facts” here are subjective, based on personal experience, as processed through the thought-blender of Bob’s brain. The fact is that BobsGermany is a place intended to raise questions (not hackles), to introduce possibilities (not stereotypes), and to share experiences and observations (not research).

Put another way, Bob is more Grandma Moses than Van Gogh, more a small fishing boat with a putt-putt outboard than a sleek Cigarette Boat with 700 hp smuggling drugs or cigars or whatever, more a storyteller surrounded by locals in the corner of your local library than an epic novelist giving a reading to the hoi-poloi in New York, more… well, hopefully, by now you get the idea. Welcome to BobsGermany.

PS If you’re interested in seeing the world through the eyes of a native English-speaker living in Germany, then this could be the place for you. If you like to quibble or argue, please go elsewhere.

If you want to share your opinions, feel free to send an email to bob[at]